Hello builders of tomorrow’s information technology.

Welcome home.

We’re a company for sure, but we’ll feel like a community.

Imagine a start-up company disrupting an entire industry, rising to stratospheric heights. Sounds ho-hum by today’s standards, but we did that in 1971! And we did it by being good to people. Our founder, Tom Golisano, created Paychex with about $3,000 of his own money and a firm belief to treat everyone with respect, dignity, and opportunity. Today, we’re an S&P. 500 company with a fantastic track record of industry firsts, innovation, and good people.

Our policies reflect our values. Our values embody how we act toward each other. Our practices support our People First culture. When the big IT companies were ignoring small and medium-sized businesses, we embraced them. It’s the bedrock of our business today as well. When you join us, you’re helping people first companies worldwide, from Main street into the cloud and beyond. We’re the company businesses count on for the tech they need today and tomorrow.

Paychex sales employee in front of laptop